About Us

IWEARCUTEPIECES Inc. started in 2011.  Joyce Burson created the name to help women and girls by bringing the best and affordable fashions to her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.  My dream as a little girl was to go to fashion school and open my very own boutique one day and I did.  Fashion pieces are exclusive and all pieces are handpicked by me.   Always fashion forward and designing clothes that are not seen in other stores.  I pride myself in finding those hidden gems that may have never made it down the runway but are amazingly cute!  We had great success decided to relocate to Atlanta to reach a wider audience.  IWEARCUTEPIECES is now an online store.  Building an online store was important because more people shop online than ever before and the opportunity to reach women and girls that can't make it to a boutique can now have a chance to shop!  IWEARCUTEPIECES represent that girl who may not feel beautiful all the time.  It's for the girl that may not fit the stereotype that has her stand out or be most popular but there is still something about her that is always cute.  She may dress cute... Smile cute... Look cute... Have a cute laugh... Clumsy cute etc. It takes a special person to recognize how cute you are and it's not always the most popular things that make you cute, but you are.  I was once her... Didn't stand out, pretty quiet, not the most popular but recognized for how I dressed and told I dressed cute.  That help shape me and made me realize a little can go along way.  One scarf, one cute hat, cute top, cute jeans all add up! One Cutepiece can represent your whole look!  I'm here for all women and girls to get cute with fashion and have fun and build confidence one piece at a time!